10-year-old boy dip into savings to buy bicycle for gas station attendant: ‘Most proud of you’

A heartwarming friendship blossomed between a 10-year-old boy and a gas station attendant in South Africa, capturing the hearts of people worldwide. The bond was formed in 2019 when young Vaughn met Tony, the attendant, while his mother, Mandy, was refueling at a station in KwaZulu-Natal, specifically Caltex by the fire station. Mandy shared on Facebook that her son was unwell at the time, but “within moments, the attendant had him laughing and smiling.” Their connection was instantaneous, and they became friends from that serendipitous encounter.

Mandy further explained, “Since then, we regularly visit the station and Vaughn eagerly looks out for his new friend.” Tony consistently took the time to engage with Vaughn, discussing the various bikes they transported to Giba and back, attentively listening as the young boy enthusiastically chatted away.

During one of their friendly conversations, Tony expressed a desire for a reasonably priced bicycle, and Vaughn made a heartfelt promise to assist him in finding one. Mandy was taken aback when she discovered her son’s selfless intentions. She explained, “Vaughn has been collecting all the silver money around the house for months, saving for a ‘holiday’ for us. One night, he came to me and asked if I really wanted a holiday and upon asking why, he said he would rather put his savings towards helping Tony get his bike.” Mandy expressed her immense pride in her son’s generous act.

In indirect reporting, it was revealed that Vaughn and Tony had cracked open Vaughn’s piggy bank and used all the money to purchase a bicycle for Tony. Tony was left astonished by the kind gesture, and Vaughn’s mother, Mandy, expressed her immense pride in her son. She conveyed that their children often make them proud, but on this particular day, her heart was filled with joy at the sight of Tony’s appreciative expression as he accepted the gift from the 10-year-old boy.

Mandy addressed her young son in the post, sharing that while it would be years before she allowed him to access Facebook, she wanted him to know that on this day, her heart was overflowing with pride and joy for him. She encouraged him to continue being generous with his time and money, emphasizing that bringing happiness to others could bring just as much joy to oneself.

Netizens were deeply moved by the young boy’s act of kindness, serving as a reminder for all of us to strive to be the best versions of ourselves. It underscores the importance of giving, which can often bring more joy than receiving. Bringing happiness to someone’s day is a unique and gratifying experience.

@dean.galway.5 commented, “What a story, what you provide will come back 10 fold. I’ve lived by this all my life and if it doesn’t, so what, simply said you will leave a legacy of humanity.” @Jilbean wrote, “We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give… well done for instilling such fine qualities in your young man.” @michelle.steenhuisen added, “Vaughan you are a real hero. I have met Tony before he is so deserving of that bike he is an awesome dude so friendly and helpful.”

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