14-Year-Old Risks His Own Life to Save a Toddler Stuck in a Pipe

Rescuers desperately tried to rescue a small kid who had become stuck after falling into a big pipe, but they kept failing. Christian Marian Becheanu, then 14, stepped up to help after 11 hours of trying to save the boy.

In the thrilling footage, firemen equip Becheanu with a harness and a headlamp before dropping him into the pipe to save the child. When he vanishes from view, everyone holds their breath. However, a short while later, Becheanu is hauled up, feet first, holding the toddler.

As the two come out of the pipe, there are obviously cheers and claps of relief. The father take the small toddler back into his arms, kisses him before rushing him to the hospital, where he quickly made a full recovery.

Reporters question Becheanu right away if he was scared, but the young hero replies that he wasn’t.

“Uhh, I entered in there, I shook my feet twice for them to take me out, and I grabbed him by the hands, and I took him out”, he said.

This rescue occurred a few years ago in the Romanian city of Segarcea. According to a local newspaper, the mayor promised to give Becheanu’s family a 300 square meter plot of land so that the town and its residents may construct him a home in appreciation for the young man’s bravery.

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