18-year-old dead as deer collides with vehicle windshield on STH 57 in Brown County

On Saturday, a fatal incident occurred on STH 57 in Brown County (BROWN COUNTY, Wis.), resulting in the death of an 18-year-old and the hospitalization of another individual.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office reported that around 8:25 p.m. on November 18, authorities received a call about a man walking in the 5800 block of STH 57 and Sturgeon Bay Road, north of Gravel Pit Road.

Upon responding to the call, deputies encountered a 54-year-old man who had suffered serious injuries from a crash. He informed first responders that the vehicle was located deep in the woods with an 18-year-old passenger still inside, but he was unable to provide an exact location.

Following a brief search, the crash site was located on the north side of Sturgeon Bay Road. Tragically, the lifeless body of the 18-year-old was found inside the vehicle, while the 54-year-old man sustained ‘serious injuries’ and was transported to a local hospital.

A preliminary investigation unveiled that the northbound vehicle on STH 57 collided with a deer, resulting in the deer crashing through the SUV’s windshield. Subsequently, the impact led the vehicle to traverse both southbound lanes, ultimately coming to a stop in the north-side ditch, approximately 60 feet from the road, after colliding with a tree.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the crash and no additional details are available.

In this September, a driver suffered minor injuries when a deer fell from an overpass above and crashed through his windshield in New Jersey, ABC News reported.

Police said the deer jumped or fell off of the Route 3 overpass before landing in the driver’s lap. The impact caused the driver to strike a concrete barrier and crash into another vehicle traveling southbound.

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