23-year-old man identified as victim found in floating suitcase in California lake

The individual discovered inside a floating suitcase in Lake Merritt, Northern California, last month has been identified as Gabriel Gomez Raymundo, aged 23. The Oakland Police Department revealed this information on Wednesday, stating that the victim was found around 11:00 a.m. on October 31.

Human remains stuffed in a suitcase found in Lake Merritt, residents speak out

The suitcase was observed drifting in Lake Merritt near the 1900 block of Lakeshore Avenue. Initially, the police reported that the victim had sustained unknown injuries. However, in the latest update on Wednesday, authorities are now classifying the incident as a homicide and are seeking public assistance in solving this disturbing case. No additional details regarding the injuries have been provided at this time.

Law enforcement shared images of Raymundo and announced a $10,000 reward, seeking community assistance in uncovering details about the victim’s residence, workplace, associates, and any information related to the circumstances of his demise.

On October 31, Gabriel Gomez Raymundo, 23, was identified as the victim discovered inside a suitcase found afloat in Lake Merritt, California. The Oakland Police Department provided this information.

No updates were provided by authorities regarding the duration the body had been inside the suitcase or submerged in the water.

The suitcase was found on October 31 by volunteers cleaning Lake Merritt in Oakland, California, as reported by FOX2 KTVU.

Volunteers engaged in lake cleanup initially came across the suitcase and the victim, describing the individual as being stuffed inside in a fetal position.

Kevin Shomo, a volunteer with Lake Merritt Institute, recounted the discovery, stating, “We grabbed one end [of the suitcase] and we realized it was too heavy. So, we pulled it close enough to us and we said, ‘Oh wow, this thing is heavy,’ so we unzipped it and that’s what we found,” as reported to FOX2 KTVU.

Authorities urged individuals with any information about the case to reach out to the Oakland Police Department’s Homicide Section at (510) 238-3821 or contact the TIP LINE at (510) 238-7950.

Body found in suitcase floating in Lake Merritt identified

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