4-year-old opens lemonade stand to donate money for sick kids

Carter Dominguez, who hasn’t even started kindergarten, launched his own lemonade shop in September to support the neighborhood.

He served his snacks and drinks to friends, relatives, and the numerous local first responders who dropped over throughout the whole Wednesday afternoon.

Then, he gave the Variety Club all of his earnings.

“I can give it to sick kids,” Carter said.

Carter is a talented salesperson; his booth raised $262 for underprivileged local children.

Screenshot via video/ wkbw.

He said that he wants to run a business of his own, much like his father.

“He’s 4 years old and he’s already an entrepreneur,” Carter’s dad Mark Dominguez said. “He wants to do it multiple times a year and find ways to make more money.”

Firefighters from the City and Town of Tonawanda went over for a drink in the afternoon and received friendly service.

Of course, Carter started by asking each and every firefighter the most crucial question in running a lemonade stand: “What color cup do you want?”

Carter was persuaded by the firefighters to switch careers in the middle of the day and try his hand at becoming one of them.

Screenshot via video/ wkbw.

Carter’s dreams stay big, he now aspires to work as a police officer and a firefighter at the same time.

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