52-year-old “Survivor” winner donates $1 million prize to veterans in need

Mike “Gabler” Gabler’s win as the second-oldest “Survivor” champion at age 52 may have been impressive, but what he intends to do with his $1 million prize is even more notable.

Gabler, who works as a heart valve expert at Edwards Lifesciences, won season 43 of the popular reality show and did not receive a single vote against him during the entire season. However, he announced that he would be donating the entire prize to Veterans in Need to honor his father, Robert Gabler.

The decision to donate the full prize money to a charitable cause is a rare one, and it has certainly earned Gabler more respect from fans and viewers alike. Gabler explained his motivation for the decision during the show’s finale, stating, “There are people who need this money more, and I’m going to donate the entire prize in my father’s name to Veterans in Need.”

Gabler’s decision to donate the entire prize money to veterans in need may have come as a surprise to many viewers, but it is not entirely out of character for him. Gabler has a military background and comes from a military family.

During his time on the show, he talked about how his father had served in the military, and how that had influenced his own life. Gabler’s decision to donate the prize money in his father’s name to Veterans in Need is a fitting tribute to his family’s service.

Gabler’s win on “Survivor” was an impressive feat, but he expressed that the experience of being on the show was equally significant. Gabler had nothing but positive things to say about the other contestants and the production team. He described his time on the show as “an incredible experience,” and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of it.

Overall, Gabler’s decision to donate his entire prize money to a charitable cause has elevated his status in the eyes of many fans and viewers. His victory on “Survivor” was impressive, but his selflessness and generosity have made him an even more admirable figure.

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