6-year-old Texan succumbs months after alleged assault by intruder with baseball bat

A Texas youngster has passed away two months after an intruder reportedly entered his family’s residence in Georgetown and assaulted him with a baseball bat, as per the family’s account.

The accused, 39-year-old Daniel Logan, initially faced charges of aggravated assault with a weapon and injury to a child. These charges stemmed from an incident on September 11, where he allegedly attacked two individuals, including 6-year-old Jeremy Diaz.

Texas child hospitalized after baseball bat attack

Following the findings from the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office, and if deemed appropriate, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, in collaboration with the District Attorney’s Office, intends to present the case to a grand jury. The aim is to elevate the charges to Capital Murder, as stated by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office in a Wednesday statement. The Sheriff’s Office affirmed their ongoing support for the District Attorney’s Office in their pursuit to indict and prosecute the case.

Additionally, the sheriff’s office expressed its “deepest condolences to the Diaz family” in a gesture of sympathy and support during this challenging time.

This week, 6-year-old Jeremy Diaz passed away after spending over two months in the hospital following an apparent random attack in his home on September 11. (Source: GoFundMe)

The Diaz family shared the heartbreaking news on their GoFundMe page titled “Help Sweet Jeremy: His Fight for Life and Rehab” that Jeremy passed away on Tuesday after a prolonged struggle in the hospital following the attack.

In a poignant message, Jeremy’s father, Arturo Diaz, explained that on Monday, Jeremy endured a neurostorm, characterized as an episode resulting from a brain injury. The family vividly described the neurostorm as six hours of what they could only describe as “hell on earth.”

Jeremy Diaz’s father, Arturo Diaz, revealed on Monday that Jeremy endured a neurostorm—a harrowing six-hour episode resulting from a brain injury, as detailed on their GoFundMe page.

“Early this morning I was checking him and noticed a pale face and eyes with no motion. Then his heart stopped. They tried to resuscitate him, but it was not successful,” Diaz wrote. “He fought for over 60 days and was improving, but at the end, the odds seemed against him and he gave up the ghost.”

The night before the neurostorm, Jeremy informed his father, Diaz, that he had completed his bedtime routine, including brushing his teeth, and was prepared for reading and bed.

“He took me by the hand and led me to his room. When we were done reading, the last thing he said was, ‘papa, watch me cover myself.’ Today I covered his face for the last time,” Diaz wrote emotionally. “I was there when he took his first breath and saw him take his last – no parent should see their children buried before them.”

According to Williamson County affidavits obtained by FOX 7 Austin, the suspect, Daniel Logan, allegedly assaulted his 65-year-old mother with a baseball bat before forcibly entering the Diaz family’s home next door and attacking Jeremy with a baseball bat. Officials have indicated that they believe the attack was a random act, as reported by FOX 7.

Jeremy Diaz’s father, Arturo Diaz, said “no parent should see their children buried before them.” (GoFundMe)

Jeremy’s family characterized his struggle for life as “a nightmare that no child should ever have to endure.”

The family is seeking donations, prayers, volunteers to assist the Diaz family, and a call to action. They are also urging the public to share Jeremy’s story. Described as a “bright, vibrant child with a heart full of dreams and a future brimming with potential,” the 6-year-old’s family hopes to garner support and awareness for their tragic situation.

6-year-old Texas boy dies months after baseball bat attack

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