7-year-old fights for life after tragic collision with a truck while chasing ball into the road

Every parent’s worst nightmare became a heartbreaking reality when a 7-year-old girl from St. George, Utah, named Emery Burrows, found herself in a life-and-death battle after being struck by a pickup truck.

Emery, a vibrant and spirited child, is now fighting for her life in a Las Vegas hospital. The accident that changed her life forever occurred last weekend when she was playing soccer with her brother in their front yard during dusk. Their ball rolled onto the road, and Emery followed instructions by waiting for passing cars before retrieving it. She saw one car approaching and stopped it, but tragically, she didn’t notice a pickup truck coming from the opposite direction.

Her aunt, Kate Story, recounted the horrifying moment: “She looked right, looked left, she looked left there was a car coming, she stopped that car, saw her, saw the ball, and stopped. Then Emery proceeded to run from that car and didn’t see there was a vehicle coming the opposite way.”

The collision was devastating, and chaos ensued. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Emery unconscious. The driver, a neighbor living near the Burrows family, had not seen Emery, but he remained at the scene and cooperated with the police.

Emery sustained severe injuries, including a fractured skull, brain bleeding, and a fractured tibia. Her family set up a GoFundMe page to cover medical expenses and requested prayers and support, receiving an overwhelming response with over $13,000 raised at the time of writing.

Emery’s aunt provided a glimmer of hope, saying, “She’s doing remarkable for what her little body, the trauma that it has endured.” Emery’s fighting spirit is evident as she can now breathe on her own, and her brain bleeding and swelling are subsiding.

Despite the long road to recovery, the outpouring of love and the strength drawn from Emery’s resilience are bolstering her family. On Monday evening, after being taken off sedation, Emery showed intermittent signs of consciousness and was able to utter a few words.

Her family has been through an emotional rollercoaster, but the prayers and support they’ve received have sustained her recovery. Emery’s mom also left a message on the GoFundMe page, requesting continued prayers for her daughter’s full recovery and expressing empathy for the neighbor involved in the tragedy.

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