9-year-old fashion designer has a wardrobe full of clothes that she has made herself

Today, let’s take a look back and attempt to remember who you were at age 9. What do you suppose you were doing at that time? You could have memories of collecting toys, riding bikes around the neighborhood, playing video games with your buddies, or perhaps nothing too serious. If any of those things are familiar to you, you undoubtedly had a wonderful childhood.

Again, though, not all kids are the same. While some children may be living their lives to the fullest by acting like children, there are others who are already going above and beyond to achieve their goals.

It’s time to get to know Kaia Aragon, a budding 9-year-old fashion designer!

This Colorado-based fashion designer enthusiast has just become well-known online because of her popular TikTok videos. She resides in Colorado with her family. With millions of views, this little girl has definitely moved closer to realizing her dream.

She has already created many outfits, some of which were recycled from older ones, and turned them into items that are stylish enough to flaunt online. Now that she has her own-made clothing in her wardrobe, Kaia is continuing to hone her skills.

However, contrary to how we typically think of the term “gifted,” Kaia, a 9-year-old fashion designer, is unique since she has been designing from the age of five. She learned how to use a sewing machine from her mother Tonya, who purchased her first one in 2020.

Before she ever became interested in designing clothing, she also created a wallet. In fact, Kaia’s pink and black outfit had over 14.3 million views on TikTok alone in just January. This young lady has an eye for stylish clothing that doesn’t compromise comfort.

As opposed to other people who often begin by drawing their ideas, Kaia chooses the cloth first. This tiny kid enjoys wearing any kind of silky, flexible garment. She aspires for her creations to be both aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to wear.

The little girl’s skill was noticed by Vera Wang, one of the most well-known and wealthy fashion designers in the world.

Kaia received a sewing machine, a backpack, and a handwritten congrats from Vera Wang in February of last year. She hoped the young enthusiast all the success in achieving her lifelong ambition of being a fashion designer. When Kaia realized who the renowned fashion designer really was, she immediately became obsessed with her, despite her initial admission that she didn’t know about the famous designer.

Watch a video of her designs:


Every design Kaia has made in the past 9 months. 🤯


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