After 54 days apart, the “Mystery Baby” rescued from the rubble is reunited with her mother

In the aftermath of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck southern Turkey in February 2023, tens of thousands lost their lives and many were trapped in rubble.


Amidst the chaos, rescuers discovered a miracle in the form of a months-old infant in Adana who had survived 128 hours buried under debris.


Though the baby was unharmed, her family was nowhere to be found, leading authorities to put her into state care and give her the name “Gizem,” meaning “mystery” in Turkish.


For 54 days, authorities searched for the missing family members, but it seemed they had tragically perished. Meanwhile, Yaseming Besdag, who had been hospitalized in Istanbul, mourned the loss of her husband, two sons, and her infant daughter, Vetin. However, a family member learned that separated children were being returned to their families, prompting them to reach out to the government to confirm all of Yaseming’s children had passed away.

A DNA test proved otherwise. It was revealed that Gizem was actually Yaseming’s missing daughter, Vetin! Derya Yanik, Turkey’s Minister of Family and Social Services, personally returned Vetin to Yaseming’s arms, reuniting mother and daughter after almost two months of separation. The emotional video of their reunion serves as a reminder of the power of familial love and the importance of never losing hope.

“To witness their happiness is an emotional and beautiful moment for us, too,” said Derya in the video. “Uniting a mother with her child is one of the most precious deeds in the world.”

While many families will not have the chance to reunite, this heartwarming story shows that beauty can emerge from even the worst of storms. As the saying goes, “Sometimes the most beautiful silver linings appear after the worst storms.” As long as love persists, there is always hope.

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