Audiences in hysterics as video shows two London zoo gorillas fleeing from rain

In a comical scene, two gorillas were unexpectedly spotted sprinting for cover, their urgent quest to find shelter from the pouring rain on full display.

This amusing video, originally shared on TikTok, documented the agile primates navigating their private enclosure at London Zoo with a sense of panic.

Laughter fills the background as the gorillas dash across the lush surroundings at remarkable speed, their primary objective being to shield themselves from the relentless rain.

Even more peculiarly, one of the apes even seized what appeared to be a jacket to protect its mane from the rain.

This humorous video has elicited fits of laughter from viewers, with many remarking on how relatable the moment is. One person jestingly remarked, “Me after I got my hair straightened.”

In a comical scene, two apes were unexpectedly spotted sprinting for cover, their desperate attempts to seek shelter from the pouring rain on full display (Pictured: An ape seeking refuge at London Zoo).
Even more intriguingly, one of the apes went to the extent of grabbing what appeared to be a jacket, seemingly to shield its mane from potential water damage.

The video unfolds with one of the apes darting across its enclosure, heading toward an indoor area.

As it moves, the camera captures the ape holding a large green plant—likely its lunch—in one hand while using the other hand to shield its head from the rain.

The camera then tracks the ape as it passes through a gate and disappears from view.

Meanwhile, the second gorilla, not willing to risk getting wet, swiftly grabs what appears to be a beige-colored jacket.

This quick-thinking animal places the coat over its head, ensuring it covers its entire back and buttocks, all the while making its way across the grounds.

This hilarious video has garnered an astounding 33 million views and attracted over 23,000 comments, with the playful pair clearly leaving viewers in fits of laughter.

One person humorously commented, ‘Me after I got my hair straightened’.

Others joined in with their humorous observations:

Another chimed in: ‘Looks like my [mother] running to get the laundry outside because it’s gonna rain’.

‘Me when it’s raining and I have my hair and makeup done,’ remarked another.

‘Oh my gosh I’m in tears,’ added one person.

Someone else said: ‘Me right now because I just got my braids’.

Meanwhile, another person pondered how the second gorilla managed to obtain a jacket from within the enclosure.

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