Brilliant 12-year-old, who read the constitution at the age of 2, starting his second year of college

Elon Musk has already offered the young aerospace engineer an internship.

Caleb Anderson, 14, will soon graduate from Georgia Tech as an aerospace engineer.

That’s right, instead of being in ninth grade, Caleb is nearing the end of his college education.

“It’s one of my dreams. So yeah, I am really excited to go there!” Caleb, the young genius told NewsNation Now. “They have an amazing aerospace engineering program.”

Caleb Anderson, Claire and Kobe Anderson’s firstborn, was a happy baby when he was born.

In fact, he would try to mimic people talking at just three weeks old.

That was his first sign of brilliance.
Happy with Caleb’s interest in reading and talking, Claire tried an alternative approach.

“I would teach children to read, as they were learning to talk,” recalled Claire.

Caleb seemed to like his mother’s approach, and he seemed to be more interested in interacting than baby toys.

The baby would attempt to sound out the words that were being read to him.

Caleb was interested in math by the age of one.
Caleb had already mastered sight words and was interested in math when he was one.

That’s when his parents realized their son was unique.

Caleb was only two years old when, instead of putting toys in his mouth and babbling, he discovered something that many people still don’t understand.

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He was getting good at fractions.
There was also a viral video of two-year-old Caleb reading the United States Constitution.

Claire remembered people laughing because they didn’t have televisions or toy baskets.

Some thought it was strange that she and her husband would give out books as Christmas gifts.

Caleb qualified for MENSA at the age of three.
Mensa is a well-known society for people with extraordinarily high IQs.

He was later enrolled when he was five years old, and he completed first grade.

Caleb speaks three languages fluently.
Caleb is also bilingual in Spanish, French, and Mandarin.

If you think he’s already amazing, consider that he was in 7th grade at the age of nine.

Caleb told his mother that high school was boring, so his parents decided he could skip high school and go straight to college.

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Because of his age, his father chaperoned the young genius and taught him about the changes that come with being a college student.

Caleb attended Chattahoochee Technical College for his first two years of college. He applied to Georgia Tech as a sophomore when he was 12 years old.

He got in, of course.

And now he’s finished.

He’ll be interning with Elon Musk.
And, eventually, his Ph.D. from MIT—amazing accomplishments for a young man.

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Being an aerospace engineer is a difficult career path, but it was this young man’s dream.

So, when asked about his college experience, he replied:

“Do I feel like I’m (breaking barriers)? No, not necessarily,” Caleb said in his interview with TODAY. “I honestly just feel like I am doing what I want to do. But do I know that I am doing it? Yes. I know that people are inspired by me. People look up to me.”

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Caleb’s mother told 11Alive that there are many kids like Caleb who just need the right opportunities and guidance.

Indeed, Claire was right.
Children like Caleb would thrive with the right guidance.

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Claire and Kobe Anderson have two younger children, Aaron and Hannah, in addition to Caleb.

At their school, they are also enrolled in gifted programs.

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