Crying dog separated from his mother cow – camera captures moment they reunite again

Lovely puppy Rookie had a strange companion. He resided on a farm in South Korea where there were several animals all around him.

He was an orphan puppy and had to learn to live without the affection of his mother. Fortunately, he developed a unique friendship with a cow in the farm.

They always wanted to stay together and the cow even became a mother figure to young Rookie.

One day, the owner decided to sell Rookie’s best friend because it was difficult for him to raise two cows.

Source: Youtube Screenshot.

The cow resisted leaving the puppy as the men tried to take her away from the shelter. When Rookie learned that his mother cow was being taken away, he began to cry.

Rokie was left devastated.

In the end, he rushed out of the shelter, relying on the cow’s sound to find his mom, and finally reunited with her. But their happiness was short-lived. The owner split them apart again.

After the cow had gone, he dog refused to eat and showed no interest in making new friend.

And then something incredible happened.

Source: Youtube Screenshot.

The owner had changed his mind and kept the cow with Rockie. When the little puppy saw his mother, he couldn’t be happier, wagging his tail and running around excitedly.

Check out their reunion in the tear-jerking video below!

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