Dog and duck become best friends and refuse to hang out with other animals

Since they met in 2020, Sven the Newfoundland puppy and Olaf the duck have been best friends. One month apart, a woman rescued Olaf and Sven, and the animals formed an instant bond.

Jessie Vallier, 33 from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, said the dog and duck do “absolutely everything” together.

She described when the pair met: “I was calling for Sven in the garden and when he wasn’t running to me, I went to look for him, only to find him floating in the pool with Olaf.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Ms Vallier said: “Their relationship is so natural, they’ve been super close since the start and are still going strong two years later.”

“They share such a great bond, it’s so wonderful to see. They absolutely love doing everything together.”

“We have a small paddling pool where Sven will lay down, and Olaf will jump in to hang with him.”

“They’re honestly in their own little world all of the time, and each day to them is like a new adventure.”

She said: “We got Olaf with a few other ducks, but unfortunately lost the others to a coyote attack.”

“So, when Sven came into the picture, Olaf just sort of imprinted on Sven and hasn’t left his side since.”

“It’s kind of like they’ve formed their own little wolf pack. I read somewhere that if you get a female duck for your male, that she will be his main focus.”

“So, I did that for Olaf, but he just runs away from her. He was terrified of her for about two weeks, and he’d run over to Sven not knowing what else to do.”

“He definitely thinks he’s a dog too at this point and is more interested in hanging out with Sven than his lady friend.”

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