Dog runs up to the woman in the woods, pleads with her to save its beloved offspring

Ashley Boggs was driving down a forested road when the car ahead of her came to a halt.

Was there a mishap? Was there an issue with the car? Was there a stumbling block?

Ashley thought everything was fine until she noticed why the car had stopped. A brown dog barked at the passing cars, hoping for someone to stop.

No one came to a halt until Ashley arrived.

Ashley volunteers with Miracle for Satos Rescue and rescues stray dogs (and occasionally stray cats) on a regular basis. She is accustomed to responding to rescue calls and recognizing signs of animal distress.


Ashley knew she had to come to a halt when she saw the dog on the street.

Ashley got out of the car and discovered the dog was a nursing mother. Where had her puppies gone?

Ashley followed the dog and received an answer to her question. The dog led her to two puppies lying on the ground near the road.


She drove the mother and her puppies to the car before returning to see if there were any more puppies.

When Ashley heard cries coming from the woods, she knew there were more. She first noticed the other puppies when she entered the forest.

There were actually four more puppies in the woods!

“I was surprised that there were so many,” Ashley said. “I was also sad because I knew that they wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t found them. There was no food or water left, and they were in a very secluded area. It is joyful and sorrowful all at the same time. They were just so adorable.”


Ashley discovered a discarded crate near the puppies and realized they had been abandoned.

At the very least, the crate served another function. Ashley carried the four puppies to the car with it.

When she got into the car, she put the two other puppies in the crate to keep them all together.

Ashley took all seven dogs to the shelter, where they will be given the best care possible.

Ashley’s dog momma (whom they named Goji) was overjoyed and kept kissing and hugging her. They appeared to have let go of their past and embrace their new life because they received so much love from the shelter.

Because they are so affectionate and loving, the dogs have become the shelter’s favourite.

“The mom is such an angel,” Ashley shared. “She is very loving and enjoys when people come in and pet her. The puppies are extremely playful. They love to play with the volunteers and tug on the shoe laces.”


What’s more, guess what?

Two of the puppies have already been adopted, and the others will follow suit soon.

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