Eldery man, 75, remembered in a hilariously candid obituary: ‘the life of the party’

A man from Brisbane, Australia, was remembered in an amusingly candid obituary, with his family – or families – describing him as a “lovable” husband to three wives.

Stephen Ralph Morris, a father of six, was remembered as “annoying” but also “the life of the party,” requesting a “piss-up” over a funeral if he died.

This week, the Courier Mail published the 75-year-obituary, old’s which drew immediate attention online.

He was described as a “mongrel” who was “larger than life.”

“Stephen Ralph Morris. April 23 1947, September 10 2022,” the notice read.

“Trying, but loving son to Norm and Gwen. Annoying, yet protective big brother to Phillip and Helen. Bewildering, yet lovable husband to Valda, Joann, Rosemary.”

“Questionable, but ever-entertaining parenting methods to Steve and Sherry, Jodie and Terri, Clare and Liam + seven grandkids.

“Storyteller, poet, larger than life, life of the party! Thanks for the memories you crazy b**tard,’ it said. ‘We love you and miss you, TTFN.’”

There would be no funeral at ‘Steve’s request’ but instead a ‘piss-up’ at Stafford Tavern in Brisbane’s north on September 17 at 2 pm.

The tribute to Mr. Morris ended with a quote that appears to sum up his life: “I did it my way.”

Photos of the tribute went viral on Reddit, with several people joking that they might show up to his farewell party to raise a schooner for the old codger.

“That’s what I want instead of a funeral – everyone have a party! The Janis Joplin approach,” one person said.

Some agreed no funeral was the way to go, backing the much more casual send-off.

“I have already told my family I absolutely don’t want a funeral. I find them weird. I would allow a party but that’s it,” another said.

“If my current plans fall through this weekend, my backup will be Stafford Tavern at 2 pm wearing a fun shirt … despite never meeting the bloke,” another online user said.

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