Goat sporting incredibly long ears sets sights on world record achievement

Simba stands out from the rest of the goats on her farm, making her a strong contender for a potential Guinness World Record title!

Muhammad Hassan Narejo recognized from the beginning, on the Narejo Goat Farm in Pakistan, that Simba would have notably longer ears than the other animals. At a mere two weeks old, this charming kid’s ears already measured approximately 48 centimeters, which is nearly 19 inches!

Nubian goats typically possess long ears to facilitate better heat dissipation in hot weather. However, in Simba’s case, her ears dragging on the floor suggests a genetic mutation.

Fortunately, Muhammad assures that she is in good health. Additionally, her contentment is evident in the adorable sight of her tail wagging as she strolls around.

Video: Goat Wants Guinness World Record for Longest Ears

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