Heartwarming moment Dad cheers for every graduating high school student on the roster

His daughter captured the heartwarming moment of the father clapping and cheering on video.

Graduation is a time for students and their families to rejoice. It is a watershed moment in everyone’s lives, the result of a lot of hard work and perseverance. During high school graduation ceremonies, parents cheer for their children as they receive their degrees and diplomas.

However, not all students are fortunate enough to have people in the audience rooting for them. At a recent high-school graduation ceremony, one father went above and beyond to cheer on every single student on the roster, and his daughter captured it on camera. The video, posted by marlainacapetillo on TikTok, is captioned: “Who else has a papa that cheers for every single kid on the graduation roster.” 

He can be seen wearing a black T-shirt and denim and reading from a brochure that lists the names of all graduating students. As each student walks onto the stage to receive their diploma, he cheers and shouts their name. u/Marco280892 posted the beautiful moment on Reddit with the caption, “This is the kind of human the world needs more of. Bless him.” 

The Reddit post captured the attention of many users and has been shared over 7,000 times on the platform. It also has over 150 comments from people who appreciate this man’s energy and “unconditional positivity.” People are astounded by his generosity, and the comments section indicates that he is not alone in doing so during graduation ceremonies.

Someone commented, “I do the same thing and I wish everyone else did too. I hate that some kids get these huge cheers while others barely get a clap. We don’t all have huge families or have a ton of friends. But each and every graduate deserves recognition, so I do my best to help.” Another said, “Me and my dad both cheered for every single human who was announced. Is this not normal?” 

Some people wished they had someone to cheer them on at their graduation ceremonies like the man in the video. As one user put it,  “Yeah I wish people had done that for mine. I went to Catholic school so most of the kids had lots of brothers and sisters and I was one of the few only children. Most of the kids got big cheers from their group of siblings and when my turn came it was quiet. I knew it would be like that but it didn’t feel great.”

“My graduation was silent my dad was the only one there he didn’t care asked of he could leave as soon as I was done and left I had to walk home alone after my graduation in my own corner while looking at my friends taking pictures with their parents and left I felt forgotten.”

“I remember some kids at my graduation ceremony that didn’t have anyone in the audience. Thank goodness the other kids and the teachers cheered for everyone,” commented another.

Many people have expressed their desire to be as supportive and kind as this man. A Reddit user commented, “This is the hero we all need. I will try my hardest to emulate them.”

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