Homeless man tired of living in a tent constructs a tiny ‘house-on-wheels’ on Hollywood Boulevard out of scrap materials

It’s not easy at all to live on the streets. When homeless people set up tents, city officials often tell them to go somewhere else. So goes the story of a man from Los Angeles who calls himself “Q.”

He got tired of having to move his tent every other day and decided to do something about it himself.

Hollywood Boulevard is probably one of the most popular places to live in all of Los Angeles. Because the area is so rich, it brings in a lot of tourists.

But there’s a new place to visit in the area now that has nothing to do with Hollywood at all. People are talking about a man who used to live on the streets and calls himself “Q.”

FOX 11 talked to him because they had heard that a “small house on wheels” had shown up on Hollywood Boulevard and decided to look into it. They asked Q to give them a tour of his tiny house, but he politely said no.

Q said that he used to live in a tent, but he would get angry when city officials told him to take down his tent and move every two weeks or so. That can’t be a good way to live for anyone!

This is when he decided to do something about it himself.

“I had an idea to build something on wheels so that we wouldn’t have to,” Q said.


His friends also helped out and did their part. Soon, he was able to put his house on wheels together.

Since he built a mobile home, the city offered him temporary housing, but he turned it down. He turned down the options because he thought it would be better for him to live in the house he built himself than to stay in a small hotel room for a short time.

“It kind of gives me empowerment,” Q said about his home.


He knows that there are better places to live, but he is happy with the small house he built himself. Q pointed to a nearby empty storefront and said, “I don’t think I’m bothering anyone here.”

The homeless man said that it felt good to have a roof over his head. “I feel good,” Q said. “I feel like I’m, you know, kind of being an example for people that’s in my situation. Letting them know that just because you are living on the streets doesn’t mean that you have to just let go of everything.”

But he plans to move his house off of Hollywood Boulevard, where it is now, because officials told him to leave by the end of the week.

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