In heartwarming video, toddler expresses candid feelings about new baby sister

The arrival of a new family member brings immense joy, but it also necessitates adjustments. For toddlers, adapting can be challenging because they thrive on routines centered around themselves. Welcoming a new sibling stirs a whirlwind of emotions as they must incorporate this new presence into their lives and accept them wholeheartedly. These complex feelings are vividly depicted in a video shared by Kayla K Gomez, known as @kaylakosuga on TikTok and kaylakosuga on Instagram. In the clip, her daughter is observed grappling with her emotions about this new addition to her life.

Image Source: TikTok/@kaylakosuga

Kayla Gomez, a social media influencer and mother of two daughters, recently welcomed her second daughter, Elisia. She sought to capture and share her elder daughter, Elliana’s, response to this significant change in their family dynamic. According to Parents magazine, older siblings often assert themselves and freely express their thoughts and emotions. Elliana is no exception, readily sharing her feelings even if they fluctuate rapidly.

In a heartwarming video, they placed the baby on Elliana’s lap and recorded her reactions. As anticipated, the moments were both adorable and emotionally varied. Elliana grappled with how to process this new relationship in her life and whether she should embrace it with happiness or uncertainty.

Image Source: TikTok/ @kaylakosuga

At first, Elliana appears overjoyed and exclaims, “I love you, baby sister!” She even plants a gentle kiss on the baby’s forehead, showing her affection. However, her emotions quickly shift as she says, “Ew, baby,” seemingly uncertain. Moments later, she returns to her affectionate side, sweetly asking her mother, “Mommy, I want that one.”

This rollercoaster of emotions takes another turn as she exclaims, “Yucky baby.” The back-and-forth continues until she eventually declares to the baby, “No more.” This constant change in attitude appears to baffle the baby on her lap the most, who observes her older sister’s whirlwind of emotions with wide-eyed curiosity.

While the initial video highlighted Elliana’s struggle to adapt to her new sister, a recent update from the mother reveals that she has indeed come around. In a more recent video where the parents are setting up a playroom, the sisters are seen happily playing together. They’ve even given their newest family member the name Elisia, creating a harmonious pairing with her elder sister’s name, Elliana.

The parents remain steadfast in their commitment to treating both children equally and providing them with the best possible life from their perspective.

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Image Source: Instagram/ @raza_kim

The comment section was filled with admiration for the two adorable siblings, and viewers couldn’t help but chuckle at the one-sided exchanges. For instance, @preethi.shettyyy humorously expressed Elisia’s perspective, saying,”Elisia literally said, ‘Bro, do you want me or not?'” Meanwhile, @aishwaryikes eagerly anticipates what the future holds for this expressive duo, stating, “I can’t wait for when Elisia starts talking their conversations will be so chaotic!”

The video has already garnered an impressive 829k views on Instagram, demonstrating the widespread fascination with this endearing sibling interaction.

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