Leif Garrett, once a teen idol, experienced a distressing downward spiral in his life

Teen heartthrob Leif Garrett, often overlooked as an artist, faced extreme highs and lows throughout his career. His struggles with drug addiction, used as a crutch, led to a decline in his career. Born in Hollywood in 1961, Garrett started as a child actor, later captivating young hearts as a musician in the 1970s.

UNSPECIFIED – CIRCA 1970: Photo of Leif Garrett Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Despite initial success, he faced management issues and the challenges of transitioning to adulthood. In 1979, a car crash left a friend paralyzed, marking the beginning of Garrett’s downward spiral. In 1980, he indulged in a lifestyle of excess with Queen’s Freddie Mercury, further complicating his life.

In his memoir, “Idol Truth,” Garrett reflects on his tumultuous experiences, including encounters with the law and struggles with addiction. Despite several attempts at rehabilitation, he faced setbacks and even became a commentator on “World’s Dumbest,” showcasing celebrities known for personal misadventures.

Indie Stock Music Festival at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena in Pico Rivera California on October 28, 2017-

Reluctantly appearing on VH1’s “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” Garrett accused the show of inducing a relapse for dramatic effect. Today, he is sober, expressing gratitude for his fans who have supported him through thick and thin. Garrett appreciates the letters and photos from admirers, acknowledging their role in allowing him to continue doing what he loves.

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