Little girl makes sure her deaf parents can enjoy the school concert by using sign language

Raising your children to accept and uphold the true values that keep the world in order is an important part of good parenting.

As a result, most parents are filled with pride when they see their child lighting up someone else’s life. Claire’s parents did, and it’s easy to understand why.

Claire’s parents are both deaf, but she and her younger sister communicate with them anyway. Claire has known American sign language since she was a child, providing her parents with a means of communication…

Claire’s school was preparing for their annual Christmas show, which included all of the students performing a song in front of an audience.

But therein lies the issue. Given Claire’s parents’ deafness, she knew it would be a shame if they couldn’t enjoy the Christmas show properly. So, after some deliberation, she decided to translate what was happening into sign language.

Claire sang with her hands as well as her voice, surprising her parents and providing them with a memory they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Claire’s Christmas gesture is certainly one of a kind, especially coming from someone so young!

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