Man applauded for allowing wife’s ex-husband visit her ‘every day’ in hospital

A man has been praised for letting his wife’s ex-husband to visit her in the hospital after she suffered “complications” in surgery.

It’s not especially common for ex-partners to remain close. Perhaps this is why so many people on social media have praised one husband of six years who is dealing with the aftermath of a surgery that has left his wife “heavily sedated” and facing an uncertain future.

Sharing his account on Reddit under the handle Throwra434324 in a post upvoted 17,000 times, he explained how he recently discovered his wife’s “ex-husband of 10 years has been coming to visit her” in the hospital.

He said he had twice found him beside her but rather than say anything or interrupt, he just “backed away til he left” and let him “take his time and visit her.”

“I didn’t get mad or upset and got in his face and asked him why he was there or tell him to leave,” he said. “I didn’t feel jealous and worked up because they were together for over 10 years…..they were high school sweethearts and almost had the perfect ‘love story’ as my wife used to say.”

Though he said his friends have called him a “simp,” he feels like he “did good” as it is a “difficult situation” for everyone that requires “patience and grace” rather than anyone being “irrational and unnecessarily mean.”

His outlook during such a difficult time drew widespread praise among those following online.

Just_arandomusername said: “You sound like a very kind and empathetic person” with Worldly_Mirror_1555 added: “Your wife is very lucky to have you by her side. I hope she makes a full recovery soon.”

VeryDistinctive_ commented: “After what she’s been through, any support from friends or family, old or new, would mean the world to her” while Aristaeus16 noted “It’s a hard time on him too…Nobody says you have to be worst enemies or hold your own in what’s obviously a hard time for everyone involved.”

Elsewhere, LegitimateOrdinary51 wrote: “I wish more people had your level of maturity. I think you’re handling it very well.” Responding to the outpouring of support, the man wrote: “Thank you for these kind words.”

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