Man shows off his Danny DeVito “Christmas tree,” people are charmed with the idea

Everyone has decorated their homes with lovely Christmas trees and ornaments in anticipation of Christmas. It is a time of year filled with warmth, love, and delight for your loved ones. One man from London is, however, having a unique and amusing Christmas this year. He has string lights strung around a cardboard cutout of Danny DeVito in place of a regular Christmas tree. Parker tweeted a picture of this adorable Christmas “tree” with the message, “We don’t have a Christmas tree so we use Danny DeVito.”

Since being uploaded on December 19, this tweet has received over 150k likes and 13k retweets, making it one of the most popular on social media. It eventually caught DeVito’s attention, who retweeted the image along with the message: “Love being your Christmas Danny.”

Parker’s tweet spurred other Twitter users to post images of further celebrities using cardboard cutouts as Christmas trees. Others even posted pictures of the inventive places they had placed a cardboard cutout of DeVito.

Others utilized DeVito’s face as a souvenir or even covered his life-size cutout with fake greenery to make it appear like a tree. Some people placed pictures of DeVito’s face on their Christmas trees as the star of Bethlehem. As part of their holiday décor, several folks dressed the actor’s cutout up as Santa Claus. In their holiday decorations, many other people also included cutouts of Keanu Reeves, Ludacris, and numerous other well-known people.


Parker disclosed that he has made it a habit to make DeVito a Christmas tree for the past several years. 

He stated the following to TODAY: “I’m a Danny DeVito fan because he’s one of the few A-listers that isn’t a terrible human being. He doesn’t date teenagers, he doesn’t waste money on a luxury lifestyle, he does plenty of charity work and he’s hilarious… I’m glad I’ve managed to creep into his (Twitter) feed; truly an honor.”

He also praised DeVito for his commitment to his roles. “He doesn’t take himself seriously, and that is rare these days. Is he the best actor of all time? No. Does he care? No,” stated Parker.


He admitted that three years ago, after having too much to drink, he ordered DeVito’s cardboard cutout from Amazon. It has been a part of his life and holiday decorations ever since. Posted by Parker on Twitter: “Hoping we’ve started a little trend here. A cardboard cutout company reached out to me to inform me they have sold out of Danny DeVito’s. This is probably the only way I could become an ‘influencer.'”

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