Man takes terminally-ill dog on final journey up his favorite mountain in wheelbarrow

The bond between a person and their pet is unparalleled in its depth and warmth.

Some individuals are willing to go to great lengths to ensure their pets experience joy, especially as they enter their later years.

Carlos Fresco, a 57-year-old shopkeeper, exemplified this commitment.

His cherished canine companion, Monty, was bravely facing leukemia.


Recognizing the limited time they had left together, Carlos was determined to let Monty relish his favorite spot one last time—the Brecon Beacons, a picturesque mountain range in Wales.

However, there was a challenge.

Monty’s health had declined to the point where he couldn’t trek up the mountain on his own.

In a touching display of devotion, Carlos devised a heartwarming solution: he gently positioned Monty in a wheelbarrow and personally wheeled him up the mountain, capturing the admiration of all who witnessed their journey.

Love that knows no bounds

The love tale of Carlos and Monty commenced a decade ago.

Monty, a loyal labradoodle, became Carlos’ steadfast companion.


They had embarked on numerous adventures side by side.

Their connection was so profound that Carlos remarked, “He’s been all over the place with me and has climbed over 40 munros in Scotland.”

However, as time passed, Monty’s health started to decline.

Even in the face of his diminishing health, Monty’s passion for adventure and the open wilderness remained unwavering.

A final adventure

The Brecon Beacons had a unique and cherished significance in both of their hearts.


It served as their sanctuary, a refuge from the demands of everyday life where they could lose themselves in the beauty of nature.

Understanding the profound connection to this place, Carlos was determined to grant Monty one final visit.

With Monty nestled cozily in a wheelbarrow, the pair initiated their ascent.

During their journey up the mountain, numerous onlookers paused to exchange stories, extend assistance, or affectionately pat Monty’s head.


Carlos mentioned, “People on the hills were so kind and equally sad at Monty’s deteriorating condition. Their kindness was truly wonderful.”

Tribute to Monty

Regrettably, Monty’s journey came to an end shortly after their poignant final adventure together.


Nevertheless, Monty’s memory endures, resonating not only within Carlos’s heart but also in the hearts of those who bore witness to their touching adventure.

Carlos lovingly remembered, “I cannot express the wonderful acts of kindness we have experienced on our travels around the UK and just recently in the Brecon Beacons.”

He further shared:

“From the beautiful sunrises to the ever-changing weather and meeting so many wonderful people, our travels will stay with me as some of my most treasured memories.“


An inspiration to many

Carlos and Monty’s narrative stands as a testament to the enduring connection between pets and humans.

It serves as a poignant reminder that love transcends boundaries of age and species.

In today’s fast-paced world, their adventure becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Their story imparts the valuable lesson of treasuring every moment with our loved ones, regardless of whether they walk on two legs or four.


Their narrative extends beyond the conclusion of a journey; it encapsulates the enduring love and memories they constructed throughout their shared experiences.

It underscores the extraordinary measures individuals will take to ensure their cherished pets experience the best until the very end.

As you absorb this tale, pause for a moment to embrace your pets a little tighter, acknowledge the bond you share, and treasure every memory you create with them.


Indeed, as Carlos aptly expressed, it is these memories that evolve into our most cherished possessions.

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