Matthew Perry’s ex questions his death, citing his history of connecting water with drug use

Following the tragic death of “Friends” star Matthew Perry, his ex, Kayti Edwards, has come forward with her perspective. Edwards, a former model and step-granddaughter of Julie Andrews, reportedly dated Perry in 2006.

In a recent interview, she suggested that Perry’s final Instagram photo, depicting him in a hot tub, could indicate he was “not sober” at the time of his passing.

“I know Matthew, and I know that he wouldn’t have just drowned,” Edwards told the UK Sun. “I think he might have taken pills in the week leading up to this.”

Perry was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Oct. 28 from an apparent drowning, discovered submerged in his hot tub by his assistant. No drugs were found at the residence aside from prescription medications. A conclusive cause of death is still listed as “deferred,” pending further tests, including toxicology.

Despite Perry’s public statement in 2021 about his sobriety and extensive efforts to get clean, Edwards claims that “things aren’t adding up.” She alleges that Perry was paranoid and would consume drugs when ready, leaving no evidence.

Edwards points to Perry’s last Instagram post, where he referred to himself as “Mattman,” as a potential indicator of drug use. She asserted, “That Mattman thing was not something he did when he was sober. Mattman would come out when he was not sober, and he felt kind of invincible.”

Reaching out to Perry’s rep for comment, The Post reports that Perry often spoke about his struggles with drugs and alcohol. His friends and co-stars, including Jennifer Aniston, paid tribute at his funeral, while Athenna Crosby, one of the last people to see him alive, insisted he was “100 percent” sober before his passing, countering speculation about a relapse.

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