Meet their babies, who were born when identical twin sisters married identical twin brothers

Meet the babies of twin sisters Brittany and Briana, who married identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers in Virginia. These two couples welcomed their babies just a few months apart, and because the babies are genetically similar, they are more like siblings than cousins. This rare case of Quaternary twins is especially unique, with only 300 Quaternary marriages identified in history.

Jett and Jax, the sons of identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers, turned 1 in January and will turn 1 in April, respectively. Born less than nine months apart to identical twin parents, they are considered genetic brothers.

Due to the shared DNA of identical twins, the children of two sets of identical twins are legally cousins but genetically more similar to siblings. Twin sisters Brittany and Briana had previously discussed the possibility of having Quaternary twins and found it fascinating to have pregnancies that overlapped to make it happen.

On their shared Instagram page, the couples posted a photo of Jett and Jax and referred to them as cousins, genetic brothers, and Quaternary twins, highlighting the fascinating scientific fact. The couples got married in a joint ceremony at the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. Brittany and Briana first met Josh and Jeremy at the festival the previous year.

Brittany and Briana explained that their unique living arrangement was something all four of them had wanted when they got engaged. Josh and Jeremy, being twins themselves, also understood the twin bond, and they all thought it would be wonderful to spend a lot of time together.

The families have shared their remarkable journey online, but it hasn’t been without its fair share of negative comments. Despite dealing with sociopathic stalker remarks, they choose to focus on the positive feedback. While some people find their situation strange, others find it incredible. The families have received a lot of support and attention, and they are grateful for it all.

However, when it comes to having more babies in the future, the couples are undecided. They are currently considering whether Brittany and Briana should have one more pregnancy each or not. Given that their current babies are still quite young, they are taking a little more time to make the decision. Nevertheless, they plan to make a choice soon.

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