Men joke at the soldier memorial, and guard appear and correct them

Veterans Day is celebrated annually on November 11 and is a time when we remember those who have served in the military. It also occurs on the same day as Remembrance Day, which commemorates the first World War’s anniversary.

This occasion allows us all an opportunity to pause and express our gratitude for the sacrifices made by all military personnel, past and present.


Veteran’s Day serves as a sobering and terrible reminder that living in freedom takes sacrifice.

On November 11th, there are undoubtedly special activities and ceremonies held all around the nation in honor of the soldiers and civilian law enforcement personnel.

The President often leads these events, so everyone in the country can observe a minute of silence in memory of the deceased.

This unique event, which is sometimes referred to as the “Wreath Laying Ceremony,” is a long-standing tradition that is highly respected.

The website for Arlington Cemetery says: “Offering flowers at a memorial site is a ritual that occurs around the world, symbolizing the beauty and brevity of life. Floral tributes are made each day at Arlington National Cemetery — at funeral services, public ceremonies and individual visits to a loved one’s gravesite.”

This clip from a few years ago nicely illustrates how revered and serious these ceremonies are.


There is always a guard on duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to maintain law and order. In the end, it’s crucial that everyone treats the monument with respect since it’s the least these deceased troops could expect.

While on patrol, the soldier spots many individuals being loud and laughing close to the memorial.


The guard felt he had to stop it because the laughter is very loud.

Even while it’s likely that none of these folks had malicious intentions, now is not the time or place for jokes.

After making a posture and turning to face the group, the guard issues an order.


“It is requested that everyone maintains a level of silence and respect!”


As soon as the laughter ceases, he immediately resumes his patrol. Even if the soldier’s shouts certainly confused this group, it’s crucial to emphasize concepts like respect and dignity for our veterans.

You can watch the video here

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