Mom trying to flee an abusive husband when adolescent movers arrive with a plan to save her and the kids

Most victims of abusive relationships are aware that they shouldn’t continue to live with their abuser. Nevertheless, leaving an abusive environment is a scary and challenging task.

Options are few for a lot of victims. Most people find it too overwhelming to pack everything up and gather their kids the day before their abuser comes home, let alone deal with the difficulty of finding new housing. Naturally, even if they do manage to find other housing, the cost of moving might occasionally stop people from even making the effort to leave.

In California, two adolescents decided to take highly specific action in response to this latter issue after realizing it. Meathead Movers, a unique sort of moving firm, was reportedly founded in 1997 by Aaron and Evan Steed.

Today, several domestic violence victims are incredibly appreciative of the heroic deeds and gratis service this company offers.

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Meathead Movers representative Caroline Callaway, stated: “When Aaron and Evan Steed established Meathead Movers in 1997 as high school students, the frantic phone calls just started coming in from victims looking to flee dangerous domestic violence situations without financial means.”

One lady reportedly suffered frequent beatings from her ex-boyfriend while residing with her teenage daughter, according to sources. She called Meathead Movers in a last-ditch effort to leave, and they came right away to help her and her kid leave the house.

Then, according to The Tribune, they gave the woman brand-new items to her brand-new house, including full-size mattresses, chairs, a dining table, a dresser, and even a lovely potted plant.

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When Meathead Movers visit a residence, the victim they are aiding frequently has a picture of the domestic abuse suspect in their possession so that the group will be ready should that individual arrive. According to accounts, on one specific day, a violent abuser returned home while movers were in the middle of their work and yelled at them. He started hurling large objects at them as the situation worsened.

However, by all accounts, this courageous squad is always unfazed and committed to the ultimate objective of liberating a victim and bringing them to safety. The squad, which consists primarily of young guys, has the opinion that true men aid those in need rather than hit women.

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