Heartbroken mother shares warning for other parents after son dies of drug overdose

After her son died of an apparent drug overdose at a popular music festival in San Bernardino, a heartbroken mother is warning other parents.

Eli Rodriguez, 27, passed out while attending the Nocturnal Wonderland festival with friends at Glen Helen Regional Park in San Bernardino on Saturday.

His mother believes he died after taking drugs at the festival, possibly laced with something more potent, but an autopsy is still being performed to determine his cause of death and what substances were in his system.

Marcy Rodriguez is now desperate for information and frustrated that no one is answering her questions.

“I felt as if I was a stranger looking into somebody else’s life, that I couldn’t get information about,” she told ABC 7 News.

“The bottom line is, where does it come from? Where is it coming from? Who is distributing this? Who is giving it out?”

The Nocturnal Wonderland festival, which has been held at the park since 2013, is now in its 27th year. It includes a variety of electronic music acts, light shows, vendor booths, and other performances.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, deputies responded to a report of an overdose at the event and transported a man to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Further information about the investigation was not immediately available.

Marcy Rodriguez hopes the investigation is thorough and focuses on who supplied the drugs. She is still not receiving responses from her son’s friends or investigators.

“I honestly want an investigation. But I want it to go beyond just the surface of everything. I want it to go beyond the distributors and everything like that. Because so many family members’ young ones are passing away because of drugs that are being processed out.”

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