Mother records babysitter’s words behind her back as she believes that there is no one else at home

Delaney Wilson, 18, becomes famous as TikTok is mesmerized by her singing talent.

Without Delaney’s knowledge, her boss covertly taped her singing “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid” in a wonderful performance. Her video has received more than 12 million views, and TikTok is going viral for her singing talent.

The mother of the child Delaney is looking after explained why she chose to film the babysitter singing.


“I was like, I want her to hear herself when she knows nobody’s watching. I was blown away to tears, cried the first time I heard her sing. I said Delaney, you have such an insane gift.”


Maher can be seen capturing Delaney covertly in the clip as she plays with Maher’s kid.

Maher posted: “I am trying to encourage her to put her voice out there more. But she gets discouraged about the way she looks in her videos. And all I see is beauty. So do my kids. Let’s show her some love so I can get her to sing for us more!!!”


Finally, Delaney gave Maher the go-ahead to upload the clip on her TikTok account, and it quickly became popular.

Listen to her sweet voice:

@nickiunplugged @delaneyreneemusic so happy you’re in our world 🧜‍♀️ #disney #singer #mom #babysitter #thevoice ♬ original sound – Nicki Marie

Delaney’s boss has posted a new clip of her singing “Mulan” of Disney to TikTok.

@nickiunplugged Reply to @zzzachariah The response you guys have been waiting for 🥰 @disney #vocals #singingbabysitter #mulan @delaneyreneemusic ♬ original sound – Nicki Marie

Delaney will undoubtedly continue to astound the world with her incredible musical abilities.

See more about her:

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