Mother sobs after discovering hundreds of sweet notes her husband often sends to daughters

A woman who was a mother to three children experienced an emotional meltdown after she discovered a collection of sticky notes that her kids had stored in their drawers. She couldn’t believe it when she took a closer look and saw who had made them. Prepare to have your hearts melted as we walk you through the details.

The seemingly insignificant moments that occur throughout life frequently end up being the ones that make the biggest impact. Life has a way of surprising us when we least expect it, whether it’s in the form of a bear hug from a loved one, a friendly greeting from a complete stranger, or the unearthing of a treasure trove in our very own homes.

Sabrina Clendenin, who was from the United States, was aware that her husband, Jordan Clendenin, was compassionate, caring, and devoted to his family, and that he loved his family with everything that he had. Despite this, she was delightfully taken aback when she discovered a lovely testimonial of his unwavering care toward his children.

An Honorable Wife and Delighted Mom

The Clendenins took great pride in their role as parents to their three daughters, who had a central position in their lives. Sabrina enjoyed a wonderful relationship with her daughters, but what brought her the greatest delight was seeing how well they got along with their doting father.

A Heartwarming Find

Sabrina claims that her husband has always maintained a profound relationship with their daughters, which she has always known will only grow stronger as time goes on. Despite this, she experienced an overwhelming rush of feelings that are difficult to put into words when she made a joyful discovery one day—something that would always be ingrained in her memory.

The mother said that she was in her girls’ room when she saw a collection of post-it notes written in her husband’s handwriting on the sticky notes. She finally linked the dots, and although it took her some time, she was unable to control her tears.

Girl Daddy

After some time, Sabrina recalled she had seen the notes in her girls’ lunchboxes. Beacuse there are the vast quantity of notes, it was obvious that Jordan had been doing it since the beginning of the school year.

The fact that her daughters had preserved each note and stored them in their drawers, however, demonstrated how deeply they cherished their father. It’s difficult to put into words what Sabrina felt at that very moment, but she was not only happy to have married the best man but also confident that he was destined to be a “girl daddy.”

TikTok’s video

Sabrina turned to TikTok to share the incredible experience that meant the world to her, and she posted a 26-second movie demonstrating her feelings and the mountain of sweet messages she had discovered. The heading stated:

Why am I crying 😭 he was meant to be a girl dad #lucky #bestdad #girldad #lovehim #luckywife #dadlife#pickedawinner #lunchnotes (sic).”

@sabrinamatata Why am I crying 😭 he was meant to be a girl dad #lucky #bestdad #girldad #lovehim #luckywife #dadlife #pickedawinner #lunchnotes ♬ what falling in love feels like x turning page – alex

Sabrina was deeply moved by the thought, care, and love her husband put into each message. Some of his notes even had weekly themes like “Fun Fact Friday,” “What am I Wednesday,” and “Motivational Monday.”

Outstanding Creativity

When she laid out all the notes on the table and read the sweet remarks, the 33-year-old woman said that her heart was filled with a boundless amount of happiness and pride. She expressed her satisfaction for providing daily excitement and novelty for her daughters.

Sabrina praised her husband’s inventiveness for inserting uplifting and reassuring phrases that would assist their kids’ self-confidence. While some notes were sweet expressions of affection, others were filled with intriguing information, puzzles, and lovely illustrations.


Her Daughters’ Most Favorite Notes

The overjoyed mother remarked that the “Fun Fact Friday” notes were the ones that her children looked forward to reading the most. In an interview that was conducted exclusively for “Good Morning America,”  Sabrina revealed the fact that she and her husband had previously written messages for their children.  In spite of this, she had no way of anticipating that it would result in something quite so spectacular. She went on to say that:

“He just gives them this great confidence that I think every child in general needs growing up.”

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