Mother uses makeup to mimic daughter’s heart-shaped port wine birthmark on her face

When Angelica graced the world with her presence on May 6, 2018, she was an absolute marvel. She sported a cute button nose, enchanting eyes, and a heart-shaped port wine stain delicately adorning her face.

Despite the love and acceptance showered upon Angelica by her friends and family, her mother, Marianna Bowering, revealed that there were still individuals who found it necessary to comment on her daughter’s unique appearance.

Regrettably, some online comments were particularly cruel. One person even inquired if Angelica’s face had been pressed onto a skillet, insinuating that her face appeared grilled, as Marianna told the Mirror.

Such hurtful remarks labeled Angelica as “hideous” and a “defect.” The insensitivity of these words only added to the hurdles this family had to overcome. However, their strength and determination to rise above these challenges ultimately led to an incredible transformation.

Despite facing these disparaging comments, Marianna was resolute in her mission to ensure that Angelica would grow up knowing she was beautiful just the way she was.

Recently, the 27-year-old mother decided to use makeup to replicate her 5-year-old daughter’s birthmark on her own face.

The idea emerged from vascular birthmark awareness day, which encourages people to paint a heart on their cheeks. Marianna started with a heart for her makeup look but decided to go all out and recreate Angelica’s port wine stain.

“I wanted to be just as beautiful as her,” Marianna expressed.

Marianna was disheartened when some people suggested that Angelica’s facial spots would fade over time, or that she could easily conceal them with makeup if she wished.

These comments only intensified the mother’s pain and frustration. She questioned why her daughter should have to hide her natural beauty instead of embracing it.

These remarks served as a poignant reminder of the harsh realities faced by those who do not conform to conventional standards of beauty. They also underscored the importance of acceptance and love for all individuals, regardless of their appearance.

From the very beginning, neither Marianna nor her husband believed that their daughter’s birthmark was something to be ashamed of. They actively work to ensure that Angelica knows it’s something to be celebrated.

Before the matching “birthmark” makeup, Marianna adorned Angelica’s port wine stain with glitter to make it shine.

While children with port wine stains on their faces are at risk for developing other health conditions, Marianna confirmed that Angelica is healthy.

“Thankfully, we’ve done tests, and Angelica is perfectly healthy,” Marianna shared. “We just need to have regular check-ups, especially for her eyes, as glaucoma can be a concern.”

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