Pierce Brosnan gifts Keely 60 roses on 60th birthday, showing his happiness and blessings

Pierce Brosnan marked his wife Keely Shaye Brosnan’s 60th birthday with a heartfelt gesture. The 70-year-old actor surprised Keely by presenting her with an array of 60 beautiful red roses. In an Instagram post capturing their joyous moment behind the bouquet, Brosnan wrote, “Sixty roses for my brown-eyed girl on her 60th birthday.” He also reminisced about their fateful meeting, sharing, “Forever happy and blessed was I to be sitting there when you walked around the corner early one morning in Cabo San Lucas @keelyshayebrosnan.”

The couple, who recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, have a history of showering each other with affection on special occasions. In August, Keely shared photos from their wedding in Ireland to mark the anniversary, expressing her gratitude for their life’s adventurous journey together.

Keely also celebrated Pierce’s 70th birthday in May with a heartfelt tribute, calling him “a superhero at home” and praising his generous and warm-hearted nature.

This loving and enduring bond is a testament to their deep connection, which continues to grow stronger with each passing year.

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