Police Officer Rescues Baby from Hot Car, Only to Discover a Shocking Mistake

Police Officer in New Hampshire Smashes Window to Rescue ‘Baby’ from Hot Car, Discovers It’s a Lifelike Doll.

On a sweltering July 23rd, Keene police Lt. Jason Short responded to a call at a Wal-Mart about an infant locked in a car in the parking lot.

With the heat posing a serious threat, Short quickly made the decision to break the window when he saw what appeared to be feet under a blanket.

Upon breaking into the car and removing the blanket, Short realized that the infant was not breathing. He attempted to perform CPR, but the doll’s lungs did not expand, leading him to discover that it was actually a lifelike toy with a closed mouth. He quickly canceled the ambulance dispatch.

After tracking down the owner of the doll, Carolynne Seiffert, who was getting her haircut at Super Cuts during the incident, Short learned that the doll was intentionally designed to look as realistic as possible. When he picked up the doll, he was struck by how much it felt like a real baby, according to Seiffert.

As reported by Sentinel Source, Seiffert had recently purchased the doll named Ainslie from a doll nursery for $2,300 just a week before the incident. The doll, known as a “reborn” doll, is crafted from silicone to closely resemble a real baby. Seiffert is known to have a collection of such lifelike dolls.

Seiffert plans to place a sign on her car to alert passersby that the infants inside are actually realistic dolls and not real babies.

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