Police officer rescues terrified woman from blaze after high-speed chase exceeding 100 mph

A gripping video depicts the intense moment a Georgia police officer rescues a distressed woman from a blazing wreckage after a high-speed pursuit exceeding 100 mph.

Recently unveiled footage from both dashcam and bodycam recordings of the Cobb County Police Department showcases Officer Clay Musselman’s courageous intervention on October 13. While patrolling a Georgia road, he witnesses a speeding driver whizzing past him.

Video: Cop pulls screaming woman from fiery wreck after chase exceeds 100 mph

Despite receiving orders from a desk sergeant to discontinue the chase and resume regular duty, Musselman soon notices the emergence of flames in the vicinity.

“Vehicle is fully engulfed,” he radios in.

Musselman swiftly pulls over, exits his vehicle, and advances towards the inferno. Armed with a flashlight, he meticulously searches the wooded area adjacent to the road, aiming to locate the driver amidst the flames.

Updating the dispatcher, he urgently reports, “Incoming units, I can’t tell if there’s someone still in the vehicle or not,” his voice reflecting the gravity of the situation as he approaches the wreckage.

Georgia Police Officer Clay Musselman was chasing a driver going over 100 mph on October 13 but was told to stop by his desk sergeant. He later stumbled upon a fiery wreck. Cobb County Police Department

At that moment, he discerns the woman’s desperate cries for assistance emanating from within the engulfing flames.

“Can you get out?” he hollers into the raging inferno, swiftly radioing in, “2316, they’re still in the vehicle.”

Breaking the car’s window, Musselman instructs the woman, “Climb out, climb out.”

“I can’t,” she screams. “My arms broke. Help me, please. I can’t.”

The cop responds, “You have to, come on.”

Subsequently, he seizes the woman by her uninjured arm, swiftly dragging her across the grass and away from the menacing flames.

According to Cobb County police, the driver received medical attention for a broken arm and a hip fracture at a nearby hospital.

The department disclosed that the woman had been driving recklessly at speeds exceeding 100 mph. However, details about her identity and whether charges were filed for evading the officer were not provided by the department.

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