Restaurant exclusively hiring waiters with dementia, don’t expect to get what you ordered!

In a newly opened pop-up restaurant in Japan named ‘The Restaurant of Order Mistakes,’ diners are informed that they might not receive what they ordered. The reason behind this unpredictability is the staff: all the waiters have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

The founders of this unique eatery, as reported by Spoon & Tamago, aim to shift perspectives on dementia. They hope that dining at their restaurant will encourage patrons to be more patient and understanding towards individuals suffering from these conditions.

In Japan, a pop-up restaurant is exclusively staffed by waiters with different forms of dementia.
The restaurant had a trial run for a single weekend earlier this month and is scheduled to reopen on World Alzheimer’s Day in September.
At The Restaurant of Order Mistakes, diners are informed in advance that the waiters might make mistakes with orders or forget to bring something that was requested.

Yahoo! Japan initially reported that the pop-up restaurant launched in Tokyo’s Toyosu district on June 2 and operated until June 4. It is set to reopen around World Alzheimer’s Day in September.

The restaurant’s creators aim to raise awareness about individuals living with dementia.
The restaurant aims to prove that people with dementia can still contribute to society and encourages others to be patient and understanding towards them.

Nevertheless, amidst the mix-up, a diner found the experience surprisingly enjoyable, despite not receiving the meal she initially desired.

In a recent tweet, Mizuho Kudo, a Japanese food editor, shared her restaurant encounter from this month. She had intended to order a ‘hamburger steak’ but was served gyoza dumplings instead. After the mistake was rectified, and she tasted the ‘delicious’ food, she found humor in the situation and recounted laughing heartily throughout the meal.

Mizuho’s tweet about the incident has garnered over 160,000 likes, with numerous commenters expressing their admiration for the amusing turn of events.

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