Secret iPhone: How to turn on your torch, mute or take a screenshot by tapping the BACK of your mobile?

Imagine this scenario: It’s nighttime, and you find yourself fumbling with your keys while standing at your front door. To make matters worse, the porch light is malfunctioning yet again, leaving you in the dark. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a convenient solution?

Luckily, for those who own an iPhone, there might be just the thing. Tucked away within the abundance of settings on your Apple device is a little-known feature that can come to your rescue.

With a simple double-tap of your finger on the back of the phone, like magic, the flashlight turns on. Suddenly, a beam of light illuminates your surroundings, allowing you to effortlessly locate the keyhole and gain entry.

The Back Tap feature enables the device to perform a whole series of tasks that would otherwise be activitated by pressing on the homescreen or similar.

Among the 16 available functions, you’ll find options like activating the camera, locking the screen rotation, muting the device, capturing a screenshot, summoning Siri, adjusting the volume, and even enabling the trusty torch.

To customize this hidden gem to your liking, you have the freedom to assign two functions of your choice. A double tap can be designated for one function, while a triple-tap can be assigned for another, ensuring quick and easy access to your most frequently used features.

But, before you get too excited about this life-saving new tip that could just prove the ultimate party trick… it may be simple to switch on, but it’s far from easy to use.

If you want to turn on the setting, follow these simple steps. But beware, an afternoon of furious finger-tapping may follow: 


  1. Go to the phone’s home screen
  2. Head over to settings 
  3. Click accessibility
  4. Click Touch
  5. Scroll to Back Tap
  6. Select the functions for Double Tap or Triple Tap – the options include:
  • Open an app
  • Lock screen
  • Screenshot
  • Mute
  • Activate Siri
  • Adjusting the volume
  • Open camera
  • Turn on the torch
  • Adjust screen’s zoom 

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