Six young men with Down Syndrome find forever homes together: “Everyone deserves a family”

When inquired about their adopted children, the optimal answer is “Every individual deserves a family.” Shannon and Troy Pinkerton lead a life enriched with boundless love, both giving and receiving it abundantly from their adopted sons. The Pinkertons take pride in being the devoted parents of six boys, all of whom have Down Syndrome.

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Familiar with assisting others, Shannon has a background in support as her parents operated a group home for children with special needs. The Pinkertons initiated their adoption journey with Joey in 2009 when he was ten years old. Urged by their son Cody (now 23), they embraced Joey into their family. Subsequently, the Pinkertons continued to extend their home, welcoming five more teenagers and young adults with Down Syndrome. Now, their four biological children have all reached adulthood, and the presence of several grandchildren further enriches their lives with additional layers of unconditional love.

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Adopting special needs children entails a lifelong commitment, as they don’t typically follow the conventional path of growing up, moving out, and achieving independent living. When Shannon and Troy welcomed Joey (23), Julian (20), Devlin (18), Cameron (23), Anthony (25), and Tracee (28) into their home, they were fully prepared for this enduring commitment. Fifteen years have passed since Joey became a part of their family. In addition to Down Syndrome, some of the boys contend with other disabilities, including dwarfism and non-verbal autism.

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