Steve Harvey embraces arrival of 8th grandchild, adored as ‘pure perfection’ by fans

At 66, Steve Harvey stands as a beloved figure in Hollywood, celebrated for his roles as a TV host, comedian, and actor. Among his iconic contributions to the entertainment industry is his charismatic and witty portrayal as the host of “Family Feud.”

Beyond his numerous career achievements, Steve Harvey is a devoted family man. He has shared over a decade of marital bliss with his beloved wife, Marjorie Harvey, having tied the knot in 2007. Together, they’ve built a large blended family, incorporating children from their respective previous relationships.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey have seven children together: Morgan, Jason, Brandi, Karli, Broderick, Lori, and Wynton Harvey. Serving as the matriarch and patriarch of this extensive family, the couple demonstrates unwavering dedication to their loved ones.

The affectionate couple also revel in the role of doting grandparents to their numerous grandchildren, whom they hold dear. A couple of years ago, the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” star expressed his deep love for his grandkids by sharing the following:

“All of my grandchildren are the reason why I wake up every morning and do what I do.”

During a recent virtual interview, the conversation shifted towards Steve’s family, with a focus on his expansive brood of grandchildren. When prompted about their relationships, the unique bonds they share, and the differences in his roles as a father versus a grandfather, the comedian humorously remarked:

“…it’s really absolutely wonderful. You know, I hug ’em, and then I walk off, that’s it. ‘You hungry? Go get your mama. You wanna go in the swimming pool? Go get your daddy. You want to talk to Pop Pop, go talk to Nana.’… it’s absolutely fabulous, they don’t belong to me, they love me…because I give them everything…”

Steve Harvey Welcomes His Eighth Grandchild, and Fans Can’t Get Enough of the Adorable New Arrival

Until recently, the devoted family man, who cherishes his grandchildren, had seven. Earlier this year, there was joyous news as his daughter-in-law, in a heartwarming announcement, revealed that she and their son, Jason, would be welcoming a new addition to the family later this year.

The newest addition to the family has arrived, marking the fifth child for Jason and his wife, Amanda Harvey. Born on October 10, the couple named their precious baby Luz Aya.

Charming family photos shared on Amanda’s social media account showcase the beautiful baby girl with captivating eyes and a full head of hair. The adorable pictures have captured the hearts of fans who can’t help but swoon over her undeniable cuteness.

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