Steve Harvey treats all his kids equally, adopted or not. The Dad of 7 juggled 4 jobs to support them all

One of the most well-liked comedians in Hollywood is Steve Harvey. His ascent, however, was not smooth; he spent years living on the streets and didn’t acquire his first car until he was 38. He now devotes his time to provide a nice living for his seven children and is a devoted father.

Known for anchoring “The Steve Harvey Morning Show,” “Family Feud,” and “Miss Universe,” Steve Harvey is one of the most adored comedians and television personalities.

The path to success for Harvey was not simple. The TV host’s mother was a teacher and his dad served as a coal miner earning $5 per day.

Out of his five siblings, Harvey was the youngest. He admitted that he was born in a West Virginia coal mine and that he hadn’t seen a restroom with a faucet or used a flushing toilet until he was five years old.

The comedian also acknowledged that he worked till he was 16 on his uncle’s farm. His family had previously resided in Cleveland, where he completed high school in 1976.

Despite not finishing college, Harvey held a number of occupations during his twenties. He tried his hand at being a professional boxer while also working as a salesman and a postman.

Harvey worked a variety of occupations but never felt truly passionate about anything until he decided to try his luck as a comedian. He left his job to pursue a career as a comedian because he felt that being on stage and making people laugh was his calling.

The twin daughters Karli and Brandi Harvey and the boy Broderick Harvey were born during the time he was married to his first wife, Marcia Harvey. Harvey was forced to fend for himself with the $50 he made each week after his job pursuits tore a rift between him, his wife, and his kids.

When Harvey and his wife separated, he became homeless and had to live out of someone else’s car. Harvey didn’t get his first car until he was 38 years old and registered it in his name. Harvey described this period of his life as “very painful”  and “ugly.”

There were times when the stress was too much for him to bear, and he considered giving up. Even though he was sneaking into hotels to get clean, he felt a need to continue.

His early career required him to travel much for his performances, which contributed to the breakdown of his marriage. Marcia and Harvey divorced in 1994 after getting married in 1981. Since then, Marcia has led a private life and has written books that have been sold.

Harvey’s father went away from lung disease in 2000, and his mother passed away in 1997. The comedian reflected on his upbringing and some of the principles his mother imparted in him and his siblings in one of the “Steve Harvey Morning Show” episodes.

Every day of the week, Harvey recalled going to a different church service. He acknowledged that attending church events was a lot for him, but his mother insisted that he dress nicely and be presentable.

Harvey is one of the most fashionable celebrities today because to his mother, who insisted on him always dressing nicely and looking good.

The talk show host began to cry as he talked further about his mother. As he strained to speak, Harvey took a minute to express his hope that his mother was somehow keeping an eye on him and was happy of all he had accomplished.

Harvey makes an effort to honor his parents’ legacy by being a decent role model as a father and husband, despite the fact that they were unable to see him at the height of his success.

Returning to His Feet

Harvey, who reportedly began dating Mary Shacklefold before his divorce from Marcia was official, was on his way to rebuilding his life when he met her.

Shackelford and Harvey wed in 1996, and they welcomed their son Wynton the following year. But in 2005, their union came to an end.

According to reports, Shackleford also made public comments regarding the comedian’s extramarital affair with Marjorie Harvey, who would later become his third wife. Harvey and Marjorie got married in 2007.

Morgan, Jason, and Lori were three more children Marjorie’s first marriage left behind when Harvey married Marjorie. The TV host felt fortunate to add the three children who now have his last name to his brood.

Marjorie was aware that integrating their families was not an easy process, and she did not want for Harvey to enter their lives in order to replace their biological father.

Everyone still had access to their parents, Marjorie emphasized, and uniting their families was simply a way to enrich their lives with more affection. All of her kids now refer to Marjorie and Harvey as mom and dad because they all grasped what she was trying to express.

Steve Harvey is he Proud Father of Seven Children

The tribute paid to him by his children had a profound effect on their father of seven, and as he struggled to contain his emotions, he explained to his children that the reason he worked four full-time jobs was so that he could provide them with the greatest possible life.

Harvey also gave his kids some pearls of advice, saying: “I want you all just to remember that somebody cared more about you than himself and that I want you to care more about someone else than yourself.” He added, “I would defend your honor until I die.”

On his talk, the author also recapped the best moments from the wedding of his daughter Karli. Over 100,000 flower stems that were imported from Columbia were used to decorate the wedding, which looked stunning.

Harvey claimed that, even if it meant shelling out for pricey flowers, he would give each of his daughters the wedding of their dreams. Harvey had hoped for all of his children to find a man who would love them, so he was happy that Karli had done so.

Karli is Harvey’s oldest kid, and he admitted that it was tough for him to let go of her and let her husband take over after caring for her for so long. He said it felt like he had lost a part of himself.

Karli was likewise in a teary mood after her day. Although she was eager to wed her husband, she was also in awe at her father’s tireless efforts to plan the wedding of her dreams.

As they performed their father-daughter dance together, the father and daughter could not stop crying. For both of them, it was one of the best times ever.

Harvey is happy to be able to support his kids and is proud of the good life he has created. However, it was difficult for the kids to deal with his departure when he had to leave his twin girls behind in order to pursue a career as a comedian.

The TV host failed and earned little from his comedy tours. He gambled on himself the first year; he only made $3000,00, but being away from his girls emotionally taxed him.

Karli admitted to her father that she and her sister Brandi had initially been upset with him and felt abandoned. Karli reassured him that she understood why he had to leave them and pursue his work, since his mission was greater and he was intended to have a significant impact on many people’s lives. Harvey felt a great deal of relief as a result of this.

Harvey has seven grandchildren right present. Rose, Ezra, Noah, and Joey are the children of his son Jason; Elle and Marley are the children of Morgan; and Benjamin is the son of Karli.

The comedian is a devoted grandfather as well as a present-day father. He once uploaded a video of himself racing around the house chasing his granddaughter to get some exercise.

Every holiday is a memorable occasion for the Harvey family, who also enjoy spending time together. For Christmas and pleasant family holidays, they always have matching pajama sets available.

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