Tallest woman in the world takes maiden flight after airline’s special arrangements

In a groundbreaking development, Rumeysa Gelgi, renowned as the world’s tallest woman according to Guinness World Records, recently embarked on an extraordinary journey facilitated by Turkish Airlines, marking her inaugural flight experience. Standing at an impressive 7 feet and 0.7 inches, Gelgi, who has faced day-to-day challenges due to her towering height and Weaver syndrome, took a 13-hour flight from Istanbul to California and back in September 2022.

This exceptional voyage became possible thanks to the proactive measures taken by Turkish Airlines, which went above and beyond by removing several seats from the aircraft to create a comfortable space for Gelgi. As reported by CNN, the airline’s flight attendants also extended generous care and assistance throughout the journey, turning it into a memorable experience for Gelgi.

The 26-year-old, who hails from Turkey, took to Instagram to document her extraordinary journey, sharing snapshots that captured the warmth and support she received from the airline’s crew. Gelgi expressed her heartfelt appreciation for Turkish Airlines, acknowledging their dedication and effort in making her dream journey a reality.

Gelgi, who faces physical challenges, particularly related to scoliosis, a spine curvature disorder, highlighted the significance of this flight, emphasizing that such accommodations are typically reserved for patients requiring intensive medical care during transfers between units. Her caption on Instagram resonated with gratitude, recognizing the rarity of her experience and the exceptional care provided by the airline.

Returning to Turkey after spending six months in the USA, Gelgi reflected on her personal growth and experiences during this period. She thanked her followers for accompanying her on this transformative journey and expressed eagerness about exploring more of the world with Turkish Airlines, underlining that this flight was just the beginning of her adventures.

In addition to her remarkable height, Gelgi is recognized for her activism and public speaking engagements, holding five Guinness World Records titles. A qualified front-end web developer, she was diagnosed with Weaver syndrome at Hacettepe University Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic, showcasing signs of being unusually large for a newborn. Gelgi’s relatives, though unaffected by Weaver Syndrome, remain incredibly supportive and delighted for her achievements.

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