Teen, 17, constructed his ideal little house by using only recyclable materials

Tom accomplished what a lot of others had always wished they could do in their lifetimes. And he had only turned 17 when he began.

Tom has always desired freedom, as do the majority of young individuals, but home ownership comes with devastating expenses. So, in order to stay within his budget, he built his own house using recyclable materials.

“My idea on building the hut was to keep it all simple and just live that simple life stress-free, to be honest. Well, I own everything I’ve got, and I’ve paid it all off—it’s all mine.”


Tom erected his house on the land of his grandfather.

Tom shared: “It’s just a simple life and all you’ve got once you’ve built it, it’s just yours…”


When Tom purchased the trailer, he was seventeen. While working and learning carpentry, he started his idea.

Tom utilized fence panels for the siding on the front and rear since he could purchase larch wood for less money and used it for the front. His recycled windows, which he purchased from a website that offered secondhand goods, are all in good condition.

Tom visited a scaffolding business and purchased the boards and other supplies he need. The same place also sold the amazing desk.


When you enter Tom’s beautiful home, the first things you’ll notice are the gorgeous wood and a poster depicting a beautiful lake view.

Although there is a lot of wood, Tom collected most of it from neighboring houses. He simply used them again after sanding them.


Tom works and eats in the living room, which also features a regular couch and a television hung on the wall for entertainment. His objective was to get a multipurpose couch with built-in storage.


View Tom’s kitchen

It is a countertop that is capable of being used. The varnish finish makes recycled materials, such as the scaffold boards Tom laboriously sanded, appear amazing. He has a fridge, stove, and convenient toaster in the fully equipped kitchen.

His bathroom is across from those counters. The shower has walls made of corrugated sheet iron, and there is a tiny chemical toilet with an electric water flush. Copper pipes and taps keep it rustic.


You may access the loft via an overhead ladder in the living area. Tom’s bedroom is accessed by an adjustable ladder. It has a comfortable double mattress that is big enough for Tom.


Tom started his project at age 17 and spent $8,200 on it. Not bad for a man making $5.50 an hour.


Watch the video about Tom’s house:

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