Tennis star loses it when 7-year-old fan proposes marriage boldly

Proposing marriage is a significant moment, and choosing the right time and place is crucial. However, there are moments when you have to seize any opportunity available. Consider the case of Leo Frankly, a 7-year-old who admires tennis star Emma Raducanu greatly. Sadly, he doesn’t often have the chance to be in her presence.

You might be wondering: Isn’t Raducanu too old for this young boy? The answer is, undoubtedly, yes. However, this didn’t deter the determined youngster from devising a plan to propose to her anyway. So, when he and his parents attended one of her games, he saw his opportunity.

From his elevated seat, during a hushed interval in the game, young Leo boldly shouted, “Emma, will you marry me?”

The audience erupted in laughter as Raducanu scanned the crowd to find the source of the question. She smiled, evidently as entertained as everyone else. While Leo might have felt a twinge of disappointment at her lack of a positive response, the fact that he had succeeded in making her smile was ample reward for his audacious act.

Watch Leo propose to Raducanu in the video below.

@espn This little fan had a proposal to Emma Raducanu during the match 😂 @leofrankyofficial #wholesome #heartwarming ♬ je te laisserai des mots – favsoundds

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