Texas siblings reunite emotionally after brother rescues 2-year-old sister from drowning

A heartwarming family reunion unfolded after a harrowing near-death experience involving their two-year-old daughter, Rose Johnson, in their La Vernia, Texas, home in 2021.

The tragic incident occurred when Nina Johnson, her 18-year-old son Eric Johnson, and young Rose were at home. Both Nina and Eric briefly left the living room separately to use the restroom, leaving Rose unattended. The toddler, left to her own devices, wandered into the backyard, as reported by SWNS.

Within minutes, Eric returned and discovered the back door ajar. Alarmed, he rushed outside and found his little sister unconscious in the pool. Without hesitation, he pulled her out of the water and initiated CPR. In the midst of the emergency, Nina Johnson dialed 911.

Remarkably, by the time Nina was on the phone with emergency services, Rose had already begun regaining consciousness, according to SWNS. The two-year-old was then taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation and placed on a ventilator for two days before being released.

Upon returning home, Nina captured a touching reunion on camera as Eric saw his little sister for the first time since the life-threatening incident. She told SWNS that their bond has grown stronger ever since, emphasizing, “They are so close.”

Nina Johnson expressed her gratitude, stating, “The doctors said if he hadn’t done what he did, she wouldn’t be with us.” She acknowledged that Eric’s heroic actions not only saved Rose’s life but also the entire family’s.

Nina decided to share the reunion video two years after the incident to highlight the importance of CPR training for others. She emphasized the potential impact, saying, “Even if it’s just one person from each family [who knows CPR], it could make such a difference.” Nina added, “I don’t know where I would be now if Eric hadn’t known how.”

This heartwarming story serves as a reminder of the lifesaving value of CPR training and the enduring bonds within a loving family.

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