The beautiful girl committed suicide because of her lover’s betrayal, her face was severely disfigured and her life was revived

In high school, Katie was an extremely sensitive kid who frequently daydreamed about dating. But when she did, something happened that would irrevocably affect her life. She found out another girl was texting her boyfriend, and it broke her heart.

After the split, she felt as though her life had come to an end, and she quickly made an impetuous choice that she would later find herself regretting the remainder of her life.

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We all know it’s not a good idea to make significant decisions when you’re depressed or upset, yet in Katie’s situation, that’s precisely what occurred.

After experiencing sorrow, Katie believed her life was no longer worth living. She shot herself in the face after rushing to her brother’s residence, where she picked up a pistol. She was certain that the shot would kill her.

But amazingly, she lived because it seemed like someone or something was keeping an eye on her that day. However, she had also come close to having her entire face shot off.

Katie’s father recounted the medical staff’s comments in an interview with the BBC.

“She’ll never eat, she’ll never drink, she’ll never bathe herself, she’ll never converse, she’ll be a vegetable, she’ll just be in a skilled facility for the rest of her life.”

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And the mere prospect of her spending the remainder of her days in a vegetative condition was unbearable for Katie’s family.

The saddest thing, though, was that Katie had put herself in this situation.

She said: “I had complete recollection of what I had done. I thought, ‘How have I done this to myself?’ But more importantly, ‘How have I done this to my family?’” 

Nobody knew what would happen for several months. Katie was in the hospital, but would she ever be able to leave? If so, how long would she require assistance? What would she look like, also?

Katie was offered a second opportunity and the possibility of having a brand-new face transplant thanks to an extraordinary group of medical professionals. Although she was unsure of her feelings, Katie had little choice in the matter.

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Katie said: “There was a chance to get my life and my face back at some point. At first, it was a very difficult decision because I knew someone would have to pass in order for me to have that face.”

But as she gave it more thinking, Katie came to terms with the prospect of a new face.

After three years and 22 pre-operative procedures, the difficult transplant was finally ready.

Adrea Schneider’s face was moved to Katie’s during a 30-hour effort by eleven physicians. More desirable than any individual could ever imagine was the outcome.

Although Katie’s face has become easier to see, everyone is sorry for her original beauty.

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