The first permanent Central Perk Coffeehouse honors Matthew Perry

Inspired by Chandler Bing and the gang’s favorite hangout spot on the hit sitcom Friends, the first permanent Central Perk Coffeehouse site will honor Matthew Perry.

At the launch of the first-ever permanent location in Boston on Tuesday, November 14, the late actor—who passed away on October 29 at the age of 54—will receive tribute in the form of a coffee sleeve based on his iconic role.

In commemoration of Matthew Perry’s life and enduring influence, “Central Perk Coffeehouse will distribute the Chandler Bing “Can I Interest You in a Sarcastic Comment” sleeve exclusively for the entire day,” according to a press release.

Following Perry’s passing, the coffee shop had previously postponed its opening.

Tom Colicchio, a restaurateur, chef, and Top Chef judge, helped open the 2,600-square-foot cafe in association with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment and CenPer.

According to the store’s website, Tom Colicchio selected the coffee menu. Some of its blends, including Pivot Blend and How You Doin’?, are named after well-known catchphrases from the show. These blends have even been offered for sale online.

Local beers and natural wines, as well as shared plates for a light dinner, will be available on the evening menu. Fans will recognize subtle references to the sitcom in several of the menu items, such as Grandma’s Chicken Salad, Monica’s jam, and The Moist Maker.

Within the new store is a re-creation of the famous orange couch, and a neon sign that reads “The one with…,” a play on the structured titles of every episode of “Friends.”

Inspired by Chandler and Joey’s pets in the show, a gold chicken and duck are displayed in the store’s corridor.

“It’s not about creating a replica of it, it’s really looking at what it would look like today,” Glen Coben, the store’s architect, told People. “It’s a modern interpretation of what a coffee shop or Central Perk would look like in 2024.”

Shoppers can purchase things featuring the location’s branding, such as refrigerator magnets that read “You’re my Lobster,” as well as sweaters and drinkware.

Prior to Perry’s unexpected death on October 28 at the age of 54, the store was scheduled to open in October. The cause of his death is still being investigated by investigators.

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