Woman brakes when she sees black bear on couch with legs crossed

While bears are typically known for hibernating during the winter months, it seems that they also enjoy taking a break and relaxing throughout the rest of the year. They’ll seize any opportunity to kick back and unwind.

Recently, a bear in Canada demonstrated just how much he relishes the laid-back lifestyle. Spotting a couch on the side of the road, the bear immediately took advantage of the opportunity and leaped onto it.

In October, bears are usually seen frantically scurrying around to consume as much fatty food as possible before their long winter hibernation. The fatter they are, the higher their chances of survival.

However, in this case, winter had already passed, and the bear was spotted lounging on a couch in the springtime.

Wildlife photographers have captured many incredible moments of bears in their natural habitats over the years, but this moment was unique because it is not typical bear behavior.

Mandy Stantic took a funny picture of a bear looking very relaxed as it took a break from its usual active bear lifestyle during the spring thaw.

While traveling with her family near Lac Brochet, Manitoba, Canada, a nurse spotted a playful bear lounging on a couch with a carefree attitude.

The bear had been scavenging for food in a nearby dump when it stumbled upon the cozy-looking couch. And what better way for a hardworking and exhausted bear to take a break than to snuggle up on the soft cushions and relax!

According to Mandy, the landfill is surrounded by pure forest for hundreds of kilometers, providing plenty of food for bears. However, since berries are not yet available in the spring, garbage becomes an easy target, causing many bears to cluster around the area.

When Mandy and her family noticed some bears scavenging, they decided to take a “northern safari” to the local dump (only in Canada, eh?).

Mandy and her family were amazed when they spotted a bear lounging in a human-like position on a discarded couch at the local landfill. It was a perfect example of the old adage that one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

The bear seemed to have had its fill of food and was now ready to relax on the couch. Mandy even joked that he only needed some popcorn and Netflix to complete the scene.

What made the moment so incredible was how comfortable and relaxed the bear looked, sitting upright with its legs crossed in a lady-like pose on the dirty sofa.

The sight was so remarkable that it attracted media attention.

The people in the area are well acquainted with the fact that the garbage dump serves as a temporary residence for the bears. As it turns out, human waste is a rich source of food for them!

The bears have grown so used to the routine of vehicles dumping trash at regular intervals that they hurry to the bags as soon as they arrive.

To add to the absurdity of the scene, Mandy reported that there was an abandoned TV in front of the couch.

It’s not everyday that you see animals mimicking humans by sitting with their legs crossed and their arms draped over the chair. The bear was posing like a regular human, which made the sight all the more remarkable.

The timing of this photo was so perfect that it’s no wonder it went viral. It’s not every day that you get to see a bear lounging on a couch as if he’s watching TV.

Watch the video below to find out more about this fascinating bear.

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