Woman responds to the critics who believe her fit husband shouldn’t be with a woman of her size

Nobody has to be told that there are bad individuals on the internet. You may be sure to discover at least a few dreck in the comments area of any post if you simply look there. This also applies to TikTok.

Given how simple it is to get videos from anywhere in the globe and how well-liked the app is among young people, it is tremendously simple to bully and be mean to strangers.


Because of how different she appeared from her spouse, Alicia McCarvell received a barrage of derogatory remarks.

She confided: “It’s because, by beauty standards, we don’t make sense.”

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She had shared a video on social media of her and her hubby engaging in some TikTok trends. However, even though they carried out the identical actions as every other pair, theirs attracted far more attention. The reason for this was her appearance.


There is no denying that Alicia weighs more than average. In contrast, her spouse is a huge gym enthusiast and even has a fantastic beard.


Of course, people don’t think they’re really a happy married couple.

Some people gain from beauty standards, while everyone else falls out. People  nearly feels impossible to get away from it. Although it’s acceptable to have preferences or a type, you shouldn’t ever let it rule your life.

“And since we don’t add up, people try to add things to my side of the equation to make it make sense – by saying things like “Oh, she must not have been fat when they met” or “Oh she’s gotta be rich.”

They really have no concept how a man like Scott could possibly not have the same mentality.

One lady even went too far and believed she could get Scott to dump Alicia to come with her.

“A woman slid into Scott’s DMs and said “You should be with somebody who looks like me. She was thin and, by beauty standards, a 10 out of 10.”

But if you lose your attractiveness due to aging or weight gain, what else do you have but a trashy personality? Alicia responded to them like that!

“And on the scale of what my husband values, how well my body fits into the body standards is not on the top of his list. He values my humor and my commitment and my love and my caring heart. And none of these things that he values about me change if my body changes.”

Maybe we should value a lot more things than simply our appearance since we won’t look the same forever.

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let’s address the trash beauty standards in the room ||••

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