Woman wins hearts by saving a fluffy dog that was cowering in a room corner

A dog named Ducky had a difficult beginning to life. Ducky was poor; he lived in a room full of animal excrement for at least six years.

But eventually, a woman named Elli, who founded Sky Sanctuary Rescue, arrived to save her.


More than 20 animals shared one room with Ducky.

She never received affection or touch, and she was never allowed to run and play like a dog should.

Elli told The Dodo, “When I arrived and walked in the bedroom, I saw her in the corner and her little eyes just looking up at me for help. She stared into my soul and was like ‘Please get me out of this place!’”


Elli carried out her plan precisely. Ducky was taken to get cleaned up by Elli as soon as she was rescued.

She needed to be shaved down to remove the thick fur mats that had accumulated on her body.

Elli stated that “As soon as we got those mats off she really just kind of came to life.”


It was evident that Ducky’s disposition had improved as well.

Due to the fact that Ducky had previously resided in a home with a huge number of animals, she was quite excited to move into Elli’s house, which was also the residence of four other big female canines.

Elli had some concerns about how Ducky might respond to the new environment, but in the end, she described the experience as “sort of magical.”

Elli explains: “She walked in and instantly you could kind of see a sign of relief in her because she loves other animals so much. So there was an instant connection. Not really with me, but with my animals.”


Elli saw, after spending some time with Ducky, that the dog had a lot of anxiety and apprehension about new situations.

Ducky got more self-assured and developed a greater capacity for trust as a result of receiving love, care, and instruction.

Elli said: “Ducky’s personality has changed immensely since we first got her I would say after three weeks of being in our care she found her voice. She started to vocalize the things that she wanted and just playing and she became really goofy and She’s really just become such a happy girl with the other animals.”


After Ducky has completed her training, she will be made available for adoption in the hopes of finding a loving and permanent home for her.

Elli said: “I think the best type of family for Ducky would be someone that’s committed to her needs.”

Ducky will do best in a home with other animals and with a person who is patient and willing to give her the care and attention she requires to overcome the effects of the stress caused by the neglect she experienced.

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